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If you want to reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease, it’s crucial to participate in general dentistry. Routine oral exams and professional teeth cleaning can alert you to underlying issues and preserve your smile for years to come. At his practice in Midtown Manhattan, experienced dentist Barnett Geller, DDS, FAGD, provides general dentistry to adults, including oral exams, teeth cleaning, and computed tomography (CT) scans. To make an appointment, call the office in New York City, or book online today.

General Dentistry Q & A

What is general dentistry?

General dentistry provides all of your basic oral health care needs. It uses a combination of routine checkups, preventive screenings, and patient education to keep your teeth and gums healthy. 

It’s important to find a general dentist, even if your mouth appears healthy. Certain conditions, like gum disease, don’t always present obvious symptoms. Early diagnosis can prevent the infection from spreading and preserve your smile.

What services does general dentistry provide?

Dr. Geller offers various general dentistry services, including:

Oral exams

An oral exam is a routine checkup that evaluates the health of your teeth and gums. During an exam, Dr. Geller looks at each section of your mouth with a handheld mirror. If he notices anything unusual, like an abnormal growth, he may order a biopsy for additional testing.

Professional teeth cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning removes plaque, tartar, and food particles from your teeth and beneath your gums. It’s essential to have your teeth cleaned regularly, even if you brush and floss. Doing so can significantly reduce the risk of gum disease, gum recession, and tooth loss.

Computed tomography (CT) scans

A CT scan is a specific type of X-ray that captures detailed images of your tooth roots, jaw, and alveolar bone (the bone that supports your teeth). 

Dr. Geller uses CT scans to diagnose oral conditions like cavities and impacted wisdom teeth. They also help him guide the placement of dental implants.

Fluoride treatment

If you have multiple cavities and Dr. Geller is concerned about future tooth decay, he might recommend a fluoride treatment. Applying fluoride to your enamel can limit tooth damage and preserve your smile.

Periodontal treatments

If you have gingivitis or periodontitis (gum disease), Dr. Geller prescribes periodontal treatment. Depending on the severity of your infection, he might recommend scaling and root planing, oral antibiotics, or flap surgery.

When I visit a general dentist, what should I bring?

To get the most out of your general dentist appointment, Dr. Geller recommends bringing the following information:

  • Dental insurance card
  • A paper with the names of the medicines, vitamins, and supplements you take
  • Results from any recent oral X-rays or other similar tests
  • Questions that you’d like answered

Whether it has been a while since your last teeth cleaning, or you recently moved to New York City, it’s essential to establish general dentistry care. Make an appointment at the practice of Barnett Geller, DDS, FAGD, by calling the office or booking online today.