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If you want dental implants but don’t have enough bone in your upper jaw to support them, you might be a candidate for a sinus lift. At his practice in Midtown Manhattan, experienced dentist Barnett Geller, DDS, FAGD, has over 40 years of experience performing sinus lifts. The process is quick, effective, and can transform your smile. To make an appointment, call the office in New York City, or book online today.

Sinus Lifts Q & A

What are sinus lifts?

A sinus lift is an outpatient procedure designed to strengthen your upper jaw. If you’re missing one or more permanent teeth in your upper arch, dental implants can restore your smile. But to get implants, you need enough bone to support them.

If Dr. Geller determines that your upper jaw is too weak to support implants, he might recommend a sinus lift. During the procedure, he inserts a piece of natural or synthetic bone tissue into a small incision in your upper jaw. Once placed, the tissue encourages the growth of new and healthy bone.

What causes bone loss in the upper jaw?

There are various factors that may contribute to bone loss in the upper jaw, including:

  • Cancer
  • Birth abnormalities
  • Having very large sinuses
  • Having a thin upper jaw bone

You might also experience bone loss due to gum disease. When left untreated, gum disease can spread to your jaw and erode the bone.

What happens during a sinus lift procedure?

Dr. Geller performs sinus lifts onsite in his state-of-the-art oral surgery facility.

At the beginning of treatment, Dr. Geller administers a local anesthetic to numb your mouth. Once you’re comfortable, Dr. Geller uses special tools to lift the gum tissue in your upper arch, exposing your jawbone.

Dr. Geller carefully removes a small section of bone, making sure to avoid your sinus membranes. Then, he inserts the graft material into the prepared space. 

After positioning the bone graft, Dr. Geller closes the incisions and moves you to a recovery room for observation.

What is recovery like after a sinus lift?

It takes several hours for the anesthesia to wear off, so you need to have a friend or family member drive you home. During the first few days, it’s normal to experience minor swelling and bleeding. To reduce the risk of complications, Dr. Geller recommends:

  • Taking antibiotics to prevent infection
  • Avoiding blowing your nose or sneezing
  • Avoiding brushing your teeth until your mouth has time to heal
  • Not smoking
  • Not drinking from a straw

A week after the procedure, you visit Dr. Geller for a checkup. There, he monitors your recovery and makes adjustments to your treatment plan as necessary.

To learn more about sinus lifts, make an appointment at the practice of Barnett Geller, DDS, FAGD, by calling the office or booking online today.